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Richard Browning - Gravity Industries

Posted by Hamish on 03-Jun-2019 06:42:00

Richard, tell us a bit about yourself and how you have got to where you are with Gravity.

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5 comfort reasons to wear Armadillo Merino® this summer.

Posted by Hamish on 01-Jun-2018 07:26:00

People usually think merino wool for winter, but it also works great in summer.

1. Breathable: The wool fibre is special and has the ability to move moisture in the vapour form. When you sweat, you sweat in the vapour form. The merino wool absorbs the vapour, and then passes it to the outside. The merino wool fibre can also absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture vapour, leaving your skin feeling dryer, and more comfortable. This is why a lightweight wool t-shirt feels great on a hot summers day. 

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Next-to-skin clothing – the forgotten layer?

Posted by Andy on 10-May-2018 10:55:00

How can you provide your officers with an effective PPE layering system without considering the next-to-skin layer? Wearing an effective next-to-skin layer is vital.

Your skin covers about 2m² and is your body’s most sensory organ detecting pressure, pain, heat and cold, all discomfort factors that greatly influence your cognitive functioning and sense of wellbeing. So we need to buffer the skin.

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Micro-Fibres: why we should be concerned, and how wool can help

Posted by Hamish on 24-Apr-2018 13:47:41

Microfibres are in the news a lot these days. Here I look into the topic in more detail, as well as make some suggestions on what you can do in the short term to help the environment and reduce your microfibre output. Hint: The best solution is to wear natural fibres, and better still Armadillo Merino®.

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How to remove stains from your Armadillo Merino®

Posted by Hamish on 30-Mar-2018 13:07:43

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, liquids get spilt, stains happen. All of our next-to-skin garments are machine washable, but if you have a really stubborn stain, or want to remove a stain before washing, here are a few tips. Click here for our standard washing instructions.

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Settling the Merino wool versus Bamboo clothing debate

Posted by Hamish on 29-Nov-2017 19:44:00

We often get asked about bamboo and to compare it to merino wool especially for base layer garments.  In this post we review bamboo vs. merino wool from manufacturing perspective and then compare the key properties.

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How to Layer - Tips on how to dress for your next outdoor adventure

Posted by Hamish on 16-Nov-2017 10:46:00

Sometimes the weather conditions change and a little preparation and planning can be the differenece between an enjoyable day out and cold, wet and potenitally dangerous day out.

Follow our simple tips to layering, and enjoy the outdoors in all conditions.

1. Dress in Layers

Layering is the idea that you dress with multiple layers for your outdoor adventure. Add a layer if you are cold, take off a layer if you are too hot. There are three key layers:

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Which product collection is for me?

Posted by Hamish on 08-Nov-2017 16:02:00

At Armadillo Merino®, we have three different collections, and get asked all the time what are the differences. Elite, Big Cat or Raptor, which collection works best for you? All are super comfortable, designed for the professional operator, and tested all over the world.

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Why Merino wool and what makes it so special?

Posted by Hamish on 02-Nov-2017 15:08:52

Here at Armadillo Merino®, we make our next-to-skin clothing out of Merino wool from New Zealand, and are regularly asked why Merino and what is Merino. Hopefully we can answer your questions here.

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