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Hamish is one of the co-founders of Armadillo Merino®. A merino wool convert for over 10 years, he is passionate about merino wool and the great natural benefits it has to offer.

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How does Armadillo Merino® offer you UV (SPF) protection?

Posted by Hamish on 24-Aug-2019 16:30:00

It is hot, and sunny, and I knew that our Armadillo Merino® garments offer great UV (SPF) protection, and was wondering why.

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Why Armadillo Merino® doesn't smell

Posted by Hamish on 24-Jul-2019 08:30:19

When a customer recently asked us why our garments do not smell, I thought we had this covered on the website, but I was wrong. I am not sure how we missed talking more about this as it is important, and unique to merino wool, so here goes.

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Richard Browning - Gravity Industries

Posted by Hamish on 03-Jun-2019 06:42:00

Richard, tell us a bit about yourself and how you have got to where you are with Gravity.

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Armadillo Merino® - did you know it is naturally flame resistant?

Posted by Hamish on 04-Oct-2018 07:06:00

The merino wool that we use has many unique performance properties and here we look at the fibre's naturally occurring flame resistance (FR). This natural FR is generating interest as we are hearing more and more about the importance of fire fighter well being with growing concerns about clothing toxins. Added to this uncertainty is that to make some textiles flame resistant they are treated with a number of chemicals and should these chemically treated textiles be exposed to heat or flames they can produce hazardous gases (known as off-gassing) which may be inhaled by the wearer. With these facts in mind the naturally occurring fire resistance of the Armadillo Merino® wool looks more and more attractive.

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Is it time that Police consider the base layer as their last line of defense

Posted by Hamish on 16-Aug-2018 15:40:00

Photos of an Italian policeman with significant burns have appeared in the media following the recent highway tanker explosion near Bologna on 7 August 2018. (See here) . The officer was providing emergency rescue assistance and was caught in a secondary explosion which inflicted severe burns to his body from the melting, dripping synthetic material. The melted garment is shown below.

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5 comfort reasons to wear Armadillo Merino® this summer.

Posted by Hamish on 01-Jun-2018 07:26:00

People usually think merino wool for winter, but it also works great in summer.

1. Breathable: The wool fibre is special and has the ability to move moisture in the vapour form. When you sweat, you sweat in the vapour form. The merino wool absorbs the vapour, and then passes it to the outside. The merino wool fibre can also absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture vapour, leaving your skin feeling dryer, and more comfortable. This is why a lightweight wool t-shirt feels great on a hot summers day. 

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Ski Touring in Iceland with Euan Whittaker from ClimbNow

Posted by Hamish on 31-May-2018 06:50:00

This weeks blog post is from Euan Whittaker, from ClimbNow, and his recent ski touring trip to Iceland.

The Troll Peninsula is located in the North of Iceland between the fjord of Skagafjordur and the fjord of Eyjafjordur. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty with glaciers, deep valleys and hundreds of mountain tops culminating in its highest peak, Kerlingarfjoll, 1538 metres. The area is a paradise for ski touring and ski mountaineering and a must for all those interested in these sports.

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Borne Arctic Challenge 2018

Posted by Hamish on 03-May-2018 09:58:37

Armadillo Merino® is proud to support the Borne Arctic Challenge. Everyday, premature babies face the ultimate struggle for survival in their fight for life.  This April, a courageous team of Borne supporters set themselves an extreme challenge: to walk to the North Pole and raise £750,000 for new research into the causes of preterm birth.  They accomplished this goal and challenged themselves to the extreme to achieve this.

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Micro-Fibres: why we should be concerned, and how wool can help

Posted by Hamish on 24-Apr-2018 13:47:41

Microfibres are in the news a lot these days. Here I look into the topic in more detail, as well as make some suggestions on what you can do in the short term to help the environment and reduce your microfibre output. Hint: The best solution is to wear natural fibres, and better still Armadillo Merino®.

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Norway 75 - Commando Spirit

Posted by Hamish on 03-Apr-2018 17:30:00

Norway 75 - Commando Spirit is an expedition that will traverse the length of Norwegian by sea and land to celebrate and retell the Commando raids from WWII. We are proud to support the team as they embark on this expedition and they will be wearing Armadillo Merino® next-to-skin to protect them from the elements.

Below is from an interview with Tim, the team leader.

Norway 75 Commando Spirit – what is it?

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How to remove stains from your Armadillo Merino®

Posted by Hamish on 30-Mar-2018 13:07:43

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen, liquids get spilt, stains happen. All of our next-to-skin garments are machine washable, but if you have a really stubborn stain, or want to remove a stain before washing, here are a few tips. Click here for our standard washing instructions.

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Why Armadillo Merino for FR, no-melt and drip burn protection and more.

Posted by Hamish on 20-Mar-2018 13:17:17

Over the coming weeks I will touch on some of the key performance attributes of Armadillo Merino®.  The first in this series is Protection. At a later date I will also talk about each of the specific attributes in separate posts, but that is more detail than is required here as we start to talk about the key attributes of Armadillo Merino®.

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Why does comfort matter and how does Armadillo Merino make you feel comfortable?

Posted by Hamish on 21-Feb-2018 16:20:52

This is the second in our series of articles talking about the key performance attributes of Armadillo Merino®.  Today, is it Comfort.

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Bex Sims - Firefighter and Clipper Sailor

Posted by Hamish on 05-Feb-2018 11:46:00

Growing up, Bex Sims never dreamed of being a Firefighter, nor sailing across the Pacific and through one she will achieve the other. Now a professional Firefighter, Bex enjoys a challenge, and living life to the fullest, and her energy and passion for life is an inspiration for others.

Bex, tell us a little about yourself, and what you are doing now, and what you are going to do next year?

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Layering and dressing for the extreme cold

Posted by Hamish on 25-Jan-2018 16:04:00

People have asked us how to dress for the extreme cold. Researching this blog post was interesting and we definitely learnt a few things about how to dress effectively for these conditions.

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Roddy Riddle - Extreme Endurance Athlete

Posted by Hamish on 17-Jan-2018 13:22:00

Introducing our latest Champion, Roddy Riddle. Roddy is an inspiration, and has a great story to tell as well as he has completed some of the hardest endurance events in the world while and suffers from type 1 diabetes. Roddy's Champion profile is longer than usual as he has a unique story, and I wanted to capture this. Thanks Hamish

Tell us about yourself, Roddy, what do you do now?  What’s your day job?

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Shortest day - shortest, but also one of the most important, blog posts. Why Merino Wool?

Posted by Hamish on 21-Dec-2017 08:52:00

December 21st is ther shortest day, and to go with this, today will be our shortest blog post, and I wanted to make it pretty simple. We even created a simple 6x4 downloaded cheat sheet that goes with this blog post as well!

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Settling the Merino wool versus Bamboo clothing debate

Posted by Hamish on 29-Nov-2017 19:44:00

We often get asked about bamboo and to compare it to merino wool especially for base layer garments.  In this post we review bamboo vs. merino wool from manufacturing perspective and then compare the key properties.

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5 questions to ask as you buy your next pair of socks

Posted by Hamish on 23-Nov-2017 10:03:00

Good socks, you know they are good when you are wearing them, but how do you judge a good sock when you go to buy one?

A good question as there are more bad socks out there than good socks in my opinion. Here I will share what I think makes good socks, versus average, or downright uncomfortable ones. This is also a topic that comes up each year as the weather gets colder, and and people are thinking about their winter adventures.

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Armadillo Merino® as essential PPE for firefighters

Posted by Hamish on 20-Nov-2017 15:00:00

Why Armadillo Merino® is essential PPE for firefighters

Firefighters experience many stresses, strains and challenges when performing firefighting duties in personal protective equipment.

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