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5 comfort reasons to wear Armadillo Merino® this summer.

Posted by Hamish on 01-Jun-2018 07:26:00

People usually think merino wool for winter, but it also works great in summer.

1. Breathable: The wool fibre is special and has the ability to move moisture in the vapour form. When you sweat, you sweat in the vapour form. The merino wool absorbs the vapour, and then passes it to the outside. The merino wool fibre can also absorb up to 30% of it's weight in moisture vapour, leaving your skin feeling dryer, and more comfortable. This is why a lightweight wool t-shirt feels great on a hot summers day. 

Try our Cougar Tee. Merino® Cougar Tee.

2. Thermo-regulating: This means that wool clothing reacts to changes in your body temperature, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Think of it as your own personal, portable air-conditioner.

3. UV resistant: Did you know that wool absorbs UV radiation providing protection from the sun, just as it does for sheep grazing on the New Zealand farms where our wool comes from. Our merino wool garments all have a minimum of SPF40. Added protection, and greater protection than untreated cotton or synthetic garments can offer.

4. Odour resistant: Wool helps reduce sweat and odour, keeping you drier, cleaner and perhaps most importantly, less smelly. Body odour is the result bacteria buildup on the skin and on your clothing. One of the key factors to the build-up of bacteria and body odour is sweat on the skin surface. Sweat by itself does not have any odour. However, if sweat remains on the skin for a period of time, bacteria build up, creating body odour. Keep the skin dryer, and less odour.

Add to this that bacteria naturally does not grow on garments, you have less smell. No more day-old cotton t-shirt smell! You can wear our merino wool t-shirts for days on end in summer and they will not smell - EVER!

5. Comfortable: Combine, Breathability, Thero-regulation, UV resistance and No Smell, and you have a more comfortable summer garment, and why you should be wearing Armadillo Merino® this summer.  Try it, and you will be surprised!

Perfect for Summer

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