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5 Reasons Why Soldiers Should Wear Armadillo Merino®

Posted by Hamish on 13-Nov-2017 15:03:00

Armadillo Merino® can save the lives of Soldiers

For centuries wool had been the fibre of choice for clothing worn by soldiers, police, firemen and search & rescue teams because of wools natural protective properties and its versatility over a wide range of extreme environments but over recent years these benefits have been forgotten, that is until now.

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As we remember them, where did the poppy come from?

Posted by Hamish on 12-Nov-2017 07:20:00


This remembrance day, as we remember those who serve and who have served, here at Armadillo Merino®, we asked ourselves where the poppy came from. We know poppys are prevalent across Europe, and there is a link to WW1, but how did the poppy come to be used for remembrance services all over the world?

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Which product collection is for me?

Posted by Hamish on 08-Nov-2017 16:02:00

At Armadillo Merino®, we have three different collections, and get asked all the time what are the differences. Elite, Big Cat or Raptor, which collection works best for you? All are super comfortable, designed for the professional operator, and tested all over the world.

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Why does Armadillo Merino® keep me warm?

Posted by Hamish on 06-Nov-2017 09:58:45

Why does Armadillo Merino® keep me warm?

As we head into the winter season, we get asked, how does Armadillo keep me warm. Here we try to answer that question, without going to deep into the science.  

Armadillo Merino® is a great natural insulator. It keeps you warm without you overheating, and keeps you cool when it is hot, but that is another story. How does it do it?

1. Natural Fibre structure

The secret, is the natural fibre structure that creates tiny pockets of air within each wool fibre. These provide both both insulation and breathability.
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What is Merino wool and what makes it so special?

Posted by Hamish on 02-Nov-2017 15:08:52

Here at Armadillo Merino®, we make our next-to-skin clothing out of Merino wool from New Zealand, and are regularly asked why Merino and what is Merino. Hopefully we can answer your questions here.

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5 tips on how to dress for your bushcraft adventure

Posted by Hamish on 18-Oct-2017 15:24:55

There is no need to be cold in the outdoors this winter. Follow our 5 simple tips to layering, and enjoy the outdoors in all conditions.

1. Dress in Layers

Layering is the idea that you dress with multiple layers for your outdoor adventure. Add a layer if you are cold, take off a layer if you are too hot. There are three key layers:

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Why Armadillo Merino®

Posted by Hamish on 18-Oct-2017 09:52:30


At Armadillo Merino®, we care about you knowing that the kit you wear could save your life. We take this responsibility seriously and think about it everyday. Our garments are designed with you in mind.

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